En Route El Nido

When we arrived in Palawan, we really had no concrete itinerary for the days to come. Fortunately, my mother has a friend who was residing in Palawan so he was the one who arranged a car that would take us around Palawan. The morning after the night that we arrived was literally the only time that my parents decided that we head over to El Nido to do an island hopping. Honestly, I was excited upon hearing this as I have always wanted to go to El Nido to see its beauty. The Underground River scheduling was very complicated so we decided to go there on our last day. So off to El Nido we go!
Pictures will never be enough to give justice to the beauty of Palawan. People should really experience it personally. :)

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To Infinity and Beyond

Posting this #ootd because I love the shot of my husband. Wore this during our Chinese New Year date with our high school friends at Ramen Nagi and BGC. ;)
Payless scarf | Forever 21 sweater and shorts | Tutum flats
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Puerto Princesa Arrival

I terribly miss Palawan right now. I miss the beach actually. I miss the water, the sun, the sound of the waves crashing to the shore. Oh what I would do just to be in a beach right now. :) Last year's out-of-town with the family was to Palawan. It was my first time to go there. It was also the last time that I traveled with my family as a single woman. We were there for four days, but those four days weren't enough for me. I wanted to stay longer. If only! This post contains photos of our departure from Manila and our arrival in Puerto Princesa, Palawan.
Our plane! :)
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Karl's 25th at Cubao X

We celebrated Karl's 25th birthday last year at Cubao X. It was simple but fun time with my college friends. I hope that we'll still be able to celebrate birthdays in the future even when all of us already have our own families. :)
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Outbreak BGC 2013

I miss being active physically. I miss running. Therefore, I am posting our Outbreak BGC experience early last year. I went with my husband and our dear friend, Kenneth. We enjoyed it very much. :) Is it weird to say that I secretly wanted to know how it would feel to be ran after by zombies? Well, I now know the feeling. :)
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This post is solely dedicated to my goddaughter, Zea. :) Overload of her cuteness! :) 
This picture was taken during a fitting before my wedding. :)
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Kenji Tei Ramen House

One fine Saturday, I went to Makati for a fitting session with some of my bridesmaids. After the fitting, we decided to eat at Kenji Tei in Greenbelt 5. Since Lizzie, myself, and the husband are in the search for the best ramen in the metro, we just had to try this one. 
Here's the group. :) 

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Bridal Shower Part 2

This post is all about expressing my gratitude to my girl friends who threw me a bridal shower a day before the wedding day. I wasn't expecting anything to be honest. People who know me well would know that I just like to be around the people that I love and value the most. Quality time is my love language. Give me undivided time and I'm all ok. :) 
Thank you, Irene for everything. I will not specify the things you did for me, but God knows that I am truly grateful for having you as my friend and sister in Christ. :) Well I do have to broadcast that you did my prenup and wedding make-up though. :) 

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Bridal Shower Part 1

I have been blessed by such a thoughtful family. A week before I got married, all of these people threw me a bridal shower at Music 21. It was simple but meaningful. They all gave heartfelt messages to me. We cried buckets! :)) I felt so loved that day. 
With my aunts, grandmother, mother, cousin, and lil sister. :) 

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Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen

Ikkoryu is one of my favorite ramen places in the metro. You have to try their ramen for you to understand why because words are not enough to prove the goodness of their ramen. :)
Here's a step-by-step on how to enjoy your ramen. :)

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